Kadai Fire Pit

Here at Chadzys we supply Kadai's range of Fire Pit's to your Cilcennin area. When you purchase one you will receive the following Contents: Bowl with drainage filter, Grill, Stand/s + Tongs (N.B. not designed for food use) and a brush.


The most fabulous thing about owning a Kadai is the fact it is a multi-purpose item. It can be used for cooking food, and after your meal is ready it can then be used as a fire pit to keep you warm in the garden or patio.

How to use:

Cover the bottom of the fire pit evenly with 8cm to 10cm of sharp sand (do not use beach sand as this contains salt). This ensures your fire pit will retain the heat for longer; it raises the level of the charcoal closer to the grill and insulates some of the heat to help prevent burning the ground under the Kadai.

After Cooking

Once you have finished cooking you can continue using your Kadai as a fire pit by lifting off the grills with the tongs provided and adding small pieces of wood to get the fire going. It might smoke a little until the flames take hold.