Boo The Scarecrow


30 x 61 x 113 cm

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With a fun loving and cracking design that replicates the familiar scarecrow look brilliantly Boo The Scare Crow is a great addition to any household. Shaggy long hair under a feathered hat complete with scruffy hessian trousers – he’s even got the classic sewn-in mouth and patches on his tunic. A tough lacquer is used for the finish which means he’s protected against UK weather and won’t rust or peel – he’ll be constantly smiling back at you come rain or shine. The base pieces on the stand can be removed providing spies that can be sunk into the ground for rigid display. Due to their bespoke nature the colours do vary from the featured picture above.


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Dimensions 30 × 61 × 113 cm


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